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Franciska: Shiru l’Hashem

“Shiru l’Hashem” by Franciska- Directed by Leah Gottfried

I have been a huge fan of Franciska for a long time, and I feel so honored to present her music video “Shiru l’Hashem”, directed by Leah Gottfried as a collaboration with The Layers Project. This is a song that she wrote dedicated to the past and future Jewish female leaders of our nation. From her beautiful and empowered voice, the young women dancing free, the ancient biblical imagery from the staff to the timbrel, to the faces of strong women like Golda Meir to Gal Gadot- every aspect of this video honors the potential of all powerful Jewish women. Franciska, the most talented female Jewish composer out there, and Leah Gottfried, the revolutionary Orthodox filmmaker have come together to create a stunning and empowering video, and a song that you will be humming for days.So grab your daughters and your friends, and bask in the glory of this awesome girl power experience. Share widely and show all Jewish women they should dream big dreams!

Julkaissut The Layers Project 7. marraskuuta 2017