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Franciska: Shiru l’Hashem

“Shiru l’Hashem” by Franciska- Directed by Leah Gottfried

I have been a huge fan of Franciska for a long time, and I feel so honored to present her music video “Shiru l’Hashem”, directed by Leah Gottfried as a collaboration with The Layers Project. This is a song that she wrote dedicated to the past and future Jewish female leaders of our nation. From her beautiful and empowered voice, the young women dancing free, the ancient biblical imagery from the staff to the timbrel, to the faces of strong women like Golda Meir to Gal Gadot- every aspect of this video honors the potential of all powerful Jewish women. Franciska, the most talented female Jewish composer out there, and Leah Gottfried, the revolutionary Orthodox filmmaker have come together to create a stunning and empowering video, and a song that you will be humming for days.So grab your daughters and your friends, and bask in the glory of this awesome girl power experience. Share widely and show all Jewish women they should dream big dreams!

Julkaissut The Layers Project 7. marraskuuta 2017

The Song of the Sea שִירַת הַיָּם

Jews will be singing The Song of the Sea tomorrow on the "second Passover."שִירַת הַיָּם

Julkaissut Israel 411 16. huhtikuuta 2017

Shma Elohai – Hear my God



Shma Elohai

Ksheh halev bocheh
rak elohim shome’a
Hake’ev ole mitokh haneshama
Adam nofel lifnei shehu shoke’a
Bitfila ktana chotekh et hadmama

Shma Israel elohai
ata hakol yakhol
Natata li et chayay
natata li hakol

Be’enai dim’a
halev bokhe besheket
Ukhshe halev shotek
haneshama zo’eket

Shma Israel elohai
akhshav ani levad
Chazek oti elohai
aseh shelo efchad

Hake’ev gadol
ve’ein le’an livro’ach
Ase sheyigamer ki lo notar bi ko’ach

Kshehalev bokhe,
hazman omed milekhet
Ha’adam ro’eh et kol chayav pitom
El halo noda hu lo rotze lalekhet
Le’elohav kore al saf tehom

Hear my God

When the heart cries
only God hears
The pain rises out of the soul
A man falls down before he sinks down
With a little prayer (he) cuts the silence

Shma (Hear) Israel my God,
you’re the omnipotent
You gave me my life,
you gave me everything

In my eyes a tear,
the heart cries quietly
And when the heart is quiet,
the soul screams

Shma (Hear) Israel my God,
now I am alone
Make me strong my God;
make it that I won’t be afraid

The pain is big,
and there’s no where to run away
End it because I can’t take it anymore
(make the end of it because I have no more energy left within me)

When the heart cries,
Time stands still
All of a sudden, the man sees his entire life
He doesn’t want to go to the unknown
He cries to his God right before a big fall